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A certified fitness coach, nutritionist, beautician and a lover of music and dance. Creative professional who is constantly exploring new ideas to empower women through beauty and fitness.

As a busy mom of four, I understand the struggle we face to balance a healthy lifestyle while caring for our loved ones. Through my passion for fitness, beauty and dance I hope to inspire other women, especially moms to become the best version of themselves. Once we accept that the only constant thing in life is change, we are better able to evolve with a more positive mindset; to love and appreciate our unique body types and the amazing work it has done and above all, creating life.

I endeavor to use my platform to also spread the awareness that pregnancy and child birth does not have to limit your personal development or goals in life. Certainly, there will be delays and temporary setbacks, however with God, our resilience and perseverance we bounce back and come back even stronger. Trust me when I tell you that I have had my share of downfalls!

A mom's strength is unmatched and I encourage women to celebrate themselves as they champion each obstacle of life.

At KeraBelleFit we challenge you to take charge of your body, recover, heal, regain  physical strength,  refocus  your nutrition and exude confidence through beauty and fitness as we aim to shape and transform your lifestyle.

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